11 Types of Email Addresses to Remove for Maintaining Proper B2B Contact List Hygiene

Crossing out reactive and writing proactive on a blackboard.Clean email lists are imperative for a good sender reputation and stellar B2B contact list hygiene. If your email lists are dirty, you could soon be blacklisted. I compiled a few tips to keep those email lists clean from my many years of experience in executing email campaigns.

First of all, you want to start with the most clean database possible. (You can’t go wrong with a decision-maker database from Red Base Interactive.) As you keep growing your lists, never sacrifice B2B contact list hygiene. You need to constantly trim people from your lists to keep them uncontaminated.

You would do well to remove the following:

  1. Email addresses that soft bounce more than a couple times
  2. Spamtraps and honeypots – these can get you blacklisted
  3. Old, inactive email addresses
  4. Email addresses which typos and syntax errors (unless they are correctable)
  5. Hard bounces i.e., email addresses that are bad or invalid
  6. Email addresses from general accounts like gmail.comhotmail.comaol.com, and yahoo.com
  7. Periodically, remove inactive subscribers who never open your email
  8. Email addresses which contain as info@, abuse@, postmaster@, sales@, support@, webmaster@, or marketing@ – send email only to real people with real names
  9. Unsubscribes – always display the opt-out in your emails and honor them promptly
  10. Incomplete email addresses
  11. Duplicate email addresses

These are all action items that should be completed periodically to maintain proper B2B contact list hygiene – meaning, set a task on a recurring schedule and stick to it.

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Garrett Hollander

Garrett Hollander

Director, Content Strategy at Red Base Interactive
Garrett Hollander serves as the Director of Content Strategy for Red Base Interactive. In that role, he serves the B2B sales and marketing community with premium content, posts, and ideas around various topics related to B2B sales.
Garrett Hollander
Garrett Hollander