3 B2B Contact Data Statistics You Need to Know

graph-searchB2B contact data has a measure of staleness to it at any given moment for a number of reasons:

  • Prospects shift roles within companies.
  • Prospects leave their current companies.
  • Prospects change phone numbers.
  • Prospects take on other responsibilities within their existing companies.

After sifting through a ton of data surrounding how fast B2B contact data goes bad and the costs associated with B2B contact data turnover, we found that these are stats you should probably internalize:

  1. A study by LeadJen drew data from 12 lead generation campaigns across different industries, ultimately indexing more than 100,000 connects made by phone or email. LeadJen’s research revealed that executing a lead generation program without investing in accurate B2B contact data wastes 27.3% of sales reps’ time. That’s 546 hours a year per full-time inside sales rep!
  2. A study by Eloqua, a marketing automation company, found that outdated B2B contact data can increase the cost per record by $10.50.
  3. Research from MarketingSherpa uncovered that B2B contact data degrades at 2.1% per month. That means that every year 25-30% of data becomes inaccurate for various reasons.

At Red Base Interactive, our focus is to provide the most accurate, up-to-date B2B contact data at an extremely low cost. The better data B2B sales teams have the better they can sell the product or service.  Contact us for more information.


Garrett Hollander

Garrett Hollander

Director, Content Strategy at Red Base Interactive
Garrett Hollander serves as the Director of Content Strategy for Red Base Interactive. In that role, he serves the B2B sales and marketing community with premium content, posts, and ideas around various topics related to B2B sales.
Garrett Hollander
Garrett Hollander