4 B2B Email Marketing Mistakes That Every Small Business Needs To Avoid

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Despite the fact that email has technically reached middle age, many businesses still use it today as a marketing venue. In fact, many supporters of email marketing contend that they have earned a good living and there is no better time to incorporate email marketing into your current marketing strategies, especially in the B2B market. For smaller businesses, this is a very cost-effective form of marketing.

However, if you are just getting started with an email marketing strategy, we recommend that you take care to avoid the following common mistakes that small businesses have made in the past:

  1. Continual blasting of content that is irrelevant – If you want to ensure that your audience reads the emails you send them, our specialists can help you with your content and ensure that it is relevant to what you are offering your readers. Simply blasting your audience with irrelevant, uninteresting content will defeat the purpose of email marketing.
  2. Not providing an entry for dialogue – We know that an effective email is similar to an effective blog or a “tweet” on Twitter. If your readers like the emails you send, they will share them with their friends.
  3. Not tracking the numbers – When you send out your emails do you have an idea how many of them get bounced versus how the number of those that actually get read? If you don’t have that information, you are operating blind. You have to track this aspect if you want to know whether or not your email marketing efforts have been successful.
  4. Using ineffective subject lines – One of the best ways to increase the chances of your emails not getting opened and read is by putting something boring on the subject line. The “From” line is also important as readers are less likely to open an email that has been sent to them by an unrecognizable sender. (See our blog for more information: The 5 Best Varieties of B2B Email Marketing Subject Lines)

Many small businesses have yet to incorporate an email marketing strategy into their website marketing while those who did have failed at it due to the above common mistakes. Just keep that in mind when you first start out.

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Garrett Hollander

Garrett Hollander

Director, Content Strategy at Red Base Interactive
Garrett Hollander serves as the Director of Content Strategy for Red Base Interactive. In that role, he serves the B2B sales and marketing community with premium content, posts, and ideas around various topics related to B2B sales.
Garrett Hollander
Garrett Hollander