8 Ways to Promote Webinars with B2B Email Marketing

webinar-buttonB2B email marketing is such a powerful tool so it can also be very efficient when it comes to promoting webinars. Combining both webinars and email marketing can result to impressive boost in sales funnel. The webinar marketing model is a perfect opportunity to be seen as an information leader in your industry and deliver a soft marketing message to potential prospects.

Using email marketing to promote your webinar and garner attendees is cost-effective, but there are certainly some best practices to be aware of.

Here are some of the tips to consider when drafting your email piece to promote your webinar:

  1. Start with the Basics – Before immersing yourself into all the nitty-gritty details, do not forget to provide all necessary details such as program name, date, time, time zone and links. Give the recipients a chance to preregister with an easy-to-use landing page.
  2. Concise yet Appealing Content – Keep the email message short but pack it with impressive information. For example, enumerate the credentials of the speaker or some other mind-blowing statistics that will jump off the page; research shows that reader’s eyes gravitate toward numbers.
  3. Never Skip the Reminders – A message or two before the webinar date is a good way to continue building value in the information you’re presenting. Continue to include some highlights and features of the webinar.
  4. Continuous Communication – Do not end the communication the moment that the webinar finishes. Have a structured follow up workflow. Perhaps send some follow-up emails to those who attended as a marketing automation track. Maybe you setup a B2B appointment setting campaign in conjunction with follow up email. Don’t let your prospects languish in no-man’s land.
  5. Increase Value with Testimonials – People are constantly looking for proof and assurance. The links to previous webinars can be provided where testimonials from other people can be seen.
  6. Maximize the Use of the Webinars through Content Cross-Pollination – The content of the webinar can be repurposed by transcribing them and converting them to blogs or standing videos.
  7. Stay Away from Hard Selling – This is the number one rule. People participate in webinars to learn. Making people feel that it is all about selling a product or service will only upset them. Give them some important information which could establish credibility and add your company as a footnote sponsor of sorts.
  8. Start with a Great B2B Email Marketing List – Target your prime prospects and fringe prospects with your webinar promotion. Unlike hyper-targeted campaigns, a goal with webinar marketing is to cast a large net and have as many folks as possible tuned in your webinar message.


Garrett Hollander

Garrett Hollander

Director, Content Strategy at Red Base Interactive
Garrett Hollander serves as the Director of Content Strategy for Red Base Interactive. In that role, he serves the B2B sales and marketing community with premium content, posts, and ideas around various topics related to B2B sales.
Garrett Hollander
Garrett Hollander