Social Suite Database

RedBase Interactive’s Social Suite Database leverages social media profiles to enhance the depth and accuracy of of its contacts’ data. You’ll have access to the contact’s education history, skills, certifications, and more. Harness this information to refine your messaging, more effectively identify your ideal prospect, and avoid wasting time on out-of-date information.



The best sources of contact data are social media profiles. Why? Because the user updates their profile themselves, thus making it the most accurate and updated information available.

Generating leads is difficult. So why make it harder on yourself by sending and deploying expensive sales and marketing campaigns to the wrong titles, prospects with no authority, and to contacts whose emails are still active but their Social Profiles clearly show they have moved on to other companies?

In an internal study we conducted on the leading data providers, we found that 25 out of 100 contacts from the leading data providers were no longer at the company – or their titles and departments were clearly misrepresented. This means that a substantial amount of your money and time are wasted by bad data.

With our Social Suite Database we don’t rely on crowd-sourced information that depends on others to update key contact information. We focus on data that has been uncovered through social profile identification.

Socially-identified data solves the biggest challenges marketers face with campaign data:

  • Unreliable titles
  • Bad data
  • Limited counts from leading databases

Social Suite Database enables you to target your contacts. It’s not based on title alone, which can be unreliable and typically doesn’t articulate a person’s actual job responsibilities and true authority level. Social Suite is based on information that really matters.

With Social Suite Database, you can identify contacts on over 30 social triggers (Experience, Top Skills, Education, Professional Group Affiliation, etc.)

By developing prospect lists on social triggers, you can now build a roster of potential clients that is accurate, relevant, and impactful.